World Book Day 2018 – Lights To Read By

World Book Day 2018 – Lights To Read By

The celebration of reading. It’s aimed to encourage children and young people to read, enticing them to ‘get in to character’ of a book that they have read and in turn, tell others about the book and the story. Those of us who are already avid readers will be well aware that to enjoy a good book you need a good reading light  as the last thing you want are strained eyes or a headache whilst you enjoy the latest chapter of escapism.



It goes without saying that aside from a good cup of tea, a comfortable seat and possibly a snug blanket, the only other essential item to go with a good book is a reading light. There are many reading and task lamps to choose from here at The Lighting Company, not only do they do a job (very well, may we add?!) but there are also very decorative designs to look just as good switched off and they do when they’re on. Regardless of your interior design there’s sure to be something to suit. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks this World Book Day!




A sleek retro design task lamp in an ever popular colour combination of matte black and copper. This fully adjustable structure makes it an ideal choice for reading lighting, with a tall stem and adjustable at the shade, neck and base you’re sure to get the light exactly where it’s needed. You could always team this with a low energy LED bulb to add to the light output.




wall light is a more permanent fixture than a desk lamp but with the scissor arm structure and angle adjustable shade this wall light can be pulled out accordingly. It’s also individually switched on the fixture itself for ease of use, perfect for siting over a desk. Being wall attached also gives the added perk of more desk space.




Whether you’re slumped in your favourite chair or sat at a desk a nearby floor lamp is up to the task of reading lighting. This contemporary piece uses LED technology making it very energy efficient using a low wattage but providing a high output. With the added benefit of two light sources this floor lamp is great for general room lighting and task lighting thanks to the flexible and individually switched reading arm.




This contemporary functional style desk lamp features a metal structure in a black finish with angle adjust ability. Perfectly complimenting a modern setting this would be well suited to a study, lounge or bedroom desk.




If you have a traditional period home then look no further than this beautiful solid brass bankers lamp with white and green glass shade. Switched by a decorative thin metal chain pull switch this British made task lamp looks like its been pulled straight from the early 1900’s. Pop this onto your study room desk to add style, class and light to your reading sessions.




This modern small form factor reading light is an LED lamp with a clip on functionality, this means it can be mounted anywhere that’s within it’s cables reach of a power source. Reading in bed? Don’t want to disturb others? Clip on reading lights are a great option to consider, they provide enough concentrated light to read by without filling the room with light.




We couldn’t very well have a collection of lamps to celebrate World Book Day without including the Author. This stunning piece oozes class with a beautifully bronze finished resin base and silk shade with metallic inner. A piece of high quality made in the UK with an extremely high level of attention to detail, down to the very crease of an aged book cover. A must have addition to any book lovers abode.


These were just a few of our top picks for reading and task lighting, we have a large range of other suitable lights so be sure to browse the full collection to find the one for you. Recent studies show that the average 60 year old is likely to need at least 3 times more light for reading that the average 20 year old, so if you fall into this category be sure to consider higher output bulbs or fittings with dual light sources. See you in the next chapter!


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